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Product Design and Development

Reflection Engineering

Our mission is simple – optimize designs and reduce time to market.

Denver, co

optimize designs and reduce time to market

Reflection Engineering is a product design and development consultancy based in Denver, CO. Our mission is simple – to optimize designs and reduce time to market. Utilizing the latest technologies in computer-aided design (CAD), and partnered with manufacturers across the country, we leverage the necessary tools to take your efforts from ideation to creation.Whether you need additional manpower to ramp up design and development, or seek an outfit to help carry you through the paces, Reflection Engineering has solutions ready to address your constraints.


The Regulatory Hurdle

We are well versed in product development. We implement systematized workflow and work meticulously to meet the demands of the regulatory bodies.










Advanced design tools

Design Optimization through Simulation

At Reflection, we’ll put your designs through the paces. Design optimization is as much science as it is art. Simulations will reveal design weakness generated by working environment-induced fatigue. Our team of engineers are trained in setting up the virtual environment, reading and optimizing according to analysis. Below are a few investigations we perform.

Thermal Analysis

pressure vessel

Frequency Studies

buckling studies



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Why Reflection Engineering


Passionate, methodical, artistic and meticulous. Our approach drives form and function that is as aesthetic as it is operable.


Design optimization through simulation – myriad tools are available for assessing design performance.


Whether the output is small batch or design transfer for scale, leverage the Reflection network.


“As a senior manager of a fast-growing aerospace and defense company, I deeply appreciate engineers like Michael who can solve hard problems quickly and get work out the door on time. Michael has supported our company on several projects, and he has never shied away from a challenge.  His energy, drive, and enthusiasm are second to none!” - Mark Lake, VP of R&D, Roccor

"I am the CEO of Roccor, and acquired first had knowledge of Michael's proficiency with the SolidWorks platform during a bid submission. Roccor wanted to include images for a device utilizing our slit-tube technologies which would assist in the capture of deep-space phenomena. In short notice and on a highly compressed schedule, Michael delivered full CAD models and High Definition renderings. He paid close attention to detail and produced a quality deliverable with minimal guidance." ~ Chris Pearson, CEO, Roccor