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Meet the founder and discover the driving principles.
about us

Passionate About Product Development

Reflection Engineering is a team of passionate engineers of various disciplines who stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry. With advances being continually made with regard to prototyping technologies, we value agility in being able to recommend specific manufacturing approaches to our clients. Diversity and flexibility are at the heart of Reflection. Our platform is supported by an award winning value-added reseller of our software packages.


michael claugus

From businesses to products, Michael has been putting things together throughout much of his life. At age 14, he landed his first job at a factory, where he was welding large architectural signs. He turned wrenches in trade school in an automotive program prior to quenching his thirst for engineering at University. Michael performed research on land-based turbine applications at GA Tech’s combustion lab, characterizing emissions profiles from nozzles burning unconventional fuels utilizing low-swirl burn.

A lover of motorcycles and all things outside, Michael moved to Colorado after graduation. He enrolled in graduate studies and soon formed his first venture as a result of a school project. Michael sold his stake in Amplified Concrete Solutions to launch his consultancy. It is working among people of various disciplines on a variety of projects that Michael calls home.

Michael looks to outer space in amazement, forever intrigued at the complexity of life. He is passionate about aerospace and defense, med tech, robotics and manufacturing. He rides motorcycles and enjoys being outside with his dog, Tanner. He considers himself lucky to be able to participate in bettering quality of life through product development.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with high honors distinction, and also earned an MS in Engineering and Technology Management from the Colorado School of Mines.


A Unique Set Of Design Principles


A synergistic pursuit of the client’s vision.


From billing to why we suggest doing it a certain way, nothing is off the discussion table.


A client’s protection is of paramount importance. Work is safeguarded at all cost.

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