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Reflection Engineering implements systematized workflow.

We have a Logical process

At Reflection, we implement a linear, piecewise and iterative design approach. Our methodology is standard in industry and can be tailored to fit seamlessly in protocol on site.


Establishing a working relationship involves defining the following.

  • Customer and Technical Requirements
  • Production assessment
  • Regulatory environment

Initial Concepts - PDR

Engineering delivers several concepts for review. Objective selection implement bias-removing tools. Forward-looking discussion surrounding cost and implementation.

  • HOQ
  • DFM

Design Optimization

Iterative stage implementing advanced design tools. Targets include:

  • Strength vs weight - topology
  • Factor of Safety
  • Material Selection

Critical Design Review

Ensuring all is right for production. Design verification and supplier performance. Implementing quality in the design world.

  • Drawing Accuracy (GD&T)
  • Traceability
  • Supplier verification & shop qualification

Production & Assembly

Prototype delivery. Work alongside quality. Transfer to production of needed scale.

  • Article Inspections
  • Assembly
  • Design Transfer

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